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Turkey and its National Intelligence Organization (MIT) appear to abuse the intelligence and diplomatic process by inserting flawed and false intelligence in order to constrain and subvert US diplomatic options.

Apparently the great lessons from?the terrible history of centrally planned economies must be relearned. I mean, clearly the message isn’t getting through when some folks?— as I’ve seen on Twitter?— can look at a chart showing the steep decline in global poverty and view it as an endorsement of the Chinese communist party.

Sarah Lawrence College professor?Samuel Abrams?wrote an op-ed addressing the issue of liberally-biased university administrators and in response, he tells?Campus Reform, he received threats and vandalism to his office door.

Hopefully, the Trump Administration is paying close attention to Italy’s political and economic unraveling and is preparing a crisis response in conjunction with its European counterparts. If not, we should brace ourselves for a very rough autumn in the global financial markets.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) arrives for a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the "Office of Special Counsel's investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election" on Capitol Hill in Washington, July 24, 2019. Reuters

Absent a vote of the full House, it is highly unlikely that the courts will give credence to a House committee claiming to be an impeachment inquiry in order to bypass all the usual rules about obtaining grand jury materials or the testimony of potential witnesses.

Viard analyzes the consequences of a wealth tax and argues that, on balance, it would be more prudent to pursue any desired increase in tax progressivity through reforms of the income and estate and gift taxes.

Today marks the fourth day of violent protests in Hong Kong. Experts discuss how these protests can affect US-China relations and trade ties.

Over time, gentrification seems to bring greater economic prosperity and opportunity to America’s poor children, giving them access to the resources and tools needed for success.

Oriana Skylar Mastro’s new book, “The Costs of Conversation: Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime,” explores case studies of conflicts in Asia. Experts discuss the book and the history of US-China peace talks.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits the Fusion Energy Research Centre at the Fulham Science Centre in Oxfordshire, Britain August 8, 2019.

Boris Johnson’s familiarity with Churchill offers at least a glimmer of hope that Britain’s latest leader might heed clear warnings from currency markets that risking a “no deal” Brexit could cost his country enormously.

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